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Updated: Sep 18, 2018

THE CUT. I am totally inspired by 90,s fashion.Simplicity of the clear refined silhouette have always seamed so ideal for me. I love all those minimalistic separates, tiny pencil skirts ,body hugging sweaters, small cute tops and soft willowy cardigans. They are so easy to wear, combine with anything, anywhere i go. Just pick any simple skirt and choose one top wit it, those clothes are not demanding at all. All you need to do is, to find a few perfect skirts and sweaters, on colours what match with almost everything. I have had hunt for those minimalistic skirts and sweaters for years and sometimes it have seamed impossible to find. I had to ask my mum to sew me some of those and more. So she made me countless amount of neutral, semi pastel colour skirts, longer and shorter ones and some smooth pastel tone tops and sweaters too. And this is what i wear every day. Now when i have my own brand i want to use all of those simple cuts because they make dressing up so much easier.


I am big fan of white, over coats, trousers,sweaters,tops, tux jackets and off course skirts and dresses . There is something so care free and festive about white clothes and utterly stylish too. To combine with a little dash of smooth pastel, it turns even more classy and immediately makes an outfit look like it has taken a lot of time and thinking, as it was put together by pro. White combined with black looks always elegant, grown up, smart and definitely is a safe way. Black worn together with pastels creates another, more relaxed but still really elegant outfit. Im a huge pastel colour fan. Smooth watery, almost melting shades of nudes and pinks, colours from rising sun or sunset sky. On my brand i use exactly those colours,i have even created collection just for pastels. Also i have made a lot of amazing white and black items for combining with existing wardrobe. Allow me to inspire you and give you some alternative outfit options.

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Mike Henry
Mike Henry
2021년 2월 07일

So you have every clothing article to fit your every mood and occasion. If you want to go for a darker vibe, the Angels Protect me would suit your vibe. Or if you are going for a day to day look, the Sad Boys or COWYS 2 articles would be perfect. Whatever event or fashion style you’re going for, our shop will have everything available for everyone!

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