I have been making dancing outfits since 2000. I founded my own little business where I learned everything about beading and embroidery techniques, fabrics etc. Sewing pearls 18 hours a day was normal for me.

2016 I slowly started so crate my clothing brand Siret Design, where I could use my unique embroidery skills. I wanted to create easy to wear Couture items what would be hand washable and wearable all year long.

I am constantly inspired by the simplicity of the 90s, the main silhouettes in my collection are clear and feminine







The main collection contains simplest fitted sweaters,  tops, cardigans, pencil skirts, dresses, and bomber jackets. All of them are embroidered with premium quality vinyl sequins and glass beads. Each embroidery is unique and one of a kind.

Basic wardrobe essentials with exceptional details are so easy to combine with existing clothing items. Delicate shades of the nude and powdered pink, melting grey and tone to tone almost the same, creates unique refined texture.

Ready to wear collection contains wardrobe essentials for you to mix with existing clothing items. Long sleeved sweater, top, cardigan, vest, pencil skirt, slip dress, long-sleeved dress, and bomber jacket. All of them have unique embroidery and each beading pattern is one of a kind.






We are more than happy to fill special orders. Your needed shade, size, exact shape or some other requests, we can customize. Write to us and together we can make Your dream dress to happen.

Hopefully, you have a good time to explore my page. I wish you a lot of inspiration and looking forward to seeing you here again.

Founder, designer​ and embroidery master:

Siret Esko


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